How it all started

First comes the thought, then you must to make it happen. So let me tell you more about how I got here. Firstly, I contacted Universita per stranieri about the course, fees etc. They were very quick in replying and I must say that all relevant information with regards to enrollment can be found on their website It is also available in English for those who do not speak any Italian or feel more secure in English (like me). You have the option of trimester courses or just monthly ones and they also provide intensive courses. I have decided that three months option is the best for me to learn the language and culture as well, after all who knows when I would have the opportunity to do something like this again.

University also provided me with the additional information as to where I could find accommodation. Most of the students in Perugia live in private accommodation, they rent apartments all around the town, some share with other students to keep their costs lower. So once I sent my application together with the fees to the university I started looking for an apartment. I used Perugia Student Living as they also speak English and seemed to have quick service. But communicated also with Quality Living who were also very helpful.

I would recommend to see couple of offers and do not go for the first one you see. It is very easy to get a room in a shared apartment with other students so you should not be worried that you will not have place to stay. Of course, in October the semester for students from Universita degli study will start, which means that more people are coming to the town and the good accommodation will be gone quicker. Another thing to mention is the cost. The price for accommodation here consists of basic rent and plus bills (spese) which will be calculated when you are moving out. This way you will pay only for water, electricity and gas that you actually used. If you want to have private apartment on your own then you must expect the prices from €350/month onwards.

Another option how to get accommodation is to use different Facebook groups, but with these I would be more careful. These are usually people who offer their rooms or apartments for rent and they ask money upfront. The price may be lower than with the agency, but I would rather recommend to spend more at the beginning and then once you are in Perugia you can contact these people through Facebook and you can view the apartment yourself.

Last finishing touches were to just get flight ticket, insurance and try to pack for three months, which I must say was a challenge 🙂


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